10/20/18 Explanation and Thoughts of Recent Events Addressed to Nicole's counselor Here is an explanation of everything that has happened prior to my hospitalization, what happened the night of, what happened during my stay, and what has happened afterwards. As for what happened leading up to being there, it started about three weeks ago, when … Continue reading 10/20/18

The Final Session Continues

Thursday, April 26, 2018 4:19 p.m. Nicole sends a Snapchat message to her Cru group message and asks for prayer. She doesn't give any specifics but just asks them to pray for her. She suspects something is going to happen and that she will be taken to the hospital. When Taylor returns to the office … Continue reading The Final Session Continues

A Look Into My Mind

Imagine standing in the middle of the woods surrounded by endless trees. Evergreens and oaks, both young and old, loom over and around you. You can’t see the sky because the trees above you are so dense. It’s getting dark, like dusk is approaching, though the day has just begun. The trees hang down over … Continue reading A Look Into My Mind