Session Thoughts She waits in the waiting room for about three minutes. She sits there with her phone in hand trying to distract herself from her anxiety. She hasn’t been dealing with it well as of late even though she knows she needs to. Over fall break, her aunt and cousin were in town, and … Continue reading 10/10/18

The Painful Wait Continues

Thursday, April 26, 2018 7:00 pm A nurse comes out to them and tells them they now have a room ready. Nicole's mind continues to spin as she sees her captivity is only steps away. She looks one last time at the sliding doors before she follows the nurse back to a room in the … Continue reading The Painful Wait Continues

Remembering and Missing

TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM One, two, three, … seventeen.I count the healing wounds on my skin.I trace each one with my fingers,feeling the ridges and creases of pink discolored scars.I rub each one tenderly,remembering and missing the pain of each one opening,the nostalgia of each cut made. Again, I rub my healing wrist, promising myself … Continue reading Remembering and Missing

My Wrist’s Wishes

TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM I look down at my wrist.She stares up at me with a sense of pleading,not to harm her anymore, not to cut her open, begging for just one day without fresh pain, time to pull herself together,bind her skin and heal,asking not to be stretched apart,trying to keep herself intact,working to … Continue reading My Wrist’s Wishes

Silencing Her Mind

TRIGGER WARNING: SELF HARM Thoughts whip and beat around her mind;the urges pull at her, pleading,“Just one cut, just one slice;”they beg, “just one please.”She rolls back her sleeve, runs her fingers across the ridges of old cuts,the dried bloody lines, the peeling broken skin,the rough calloused scars.Her wrist stares up at her, Scarred and … Continue reading Silencing Her Mind

My Love

I met him when I was youngIt was love at first sightand truly I do mean love at first sightI first fell for his dashing personalityand his contagious smileHe’s always thereto lend a listening earor a shoulder to cry onHe’s one of the best listenersand never interruptsI often stroke his honey locksThey feel as smooth … Continue reading My Love

Panic Attack

A rope around my necka bag over my headplastic across my facechoking on my tongue My breath is stolenOxygenI’m deprivedMy throat is constrictingMy lungs collapsing A stabbing in my chestMy heart’s poundingFeels though it may burst Light begins to fadeMy brain is shutting down My hands tremblePins and needles overtake themMy limbs, numb and bound … Continue reading Panic Attack


One bite, One sip, Each are filled with guilt.   A second bite, A second sip, How sorely they are missed.   A third of both Causes mounds of shame.   So, No more calories, No more pounds, No more pain. EC

Putting the Pain in Painting

Hey everyone! I'm back! College and life has been crazy, but I'm back to post some of the poems I've been writing in my poetry class. This one here is the first one I've written for this class and is my favorite so far. I hope you enjoy it too! • • • Portrayed among … Continue reading Putting the Pain in Painting

Still Waiting

A little while later, a nurse comes over to give Nicole a cup of water. Her anxiety is still through the roof, and even though the aching indents in her arm are helping, there is no way she's going to be able to drink anything in front of anyone. She's severely dehydrated, and she desperately … Continue reading Still Waiting