Thoughts after session with Hank In an exercise Taylor and I did over last semester, I wrote out this massive document explaining my childhood and answering questions and prompts that the exercise asked. It was about 60 pages in total including pictures. One thing that I had learned about a few years ago came up … Continue reading 2/7/19


Thoughts before session with Hank From Nicole to Taylor Since that week, things have been a bit better. I have not been as depressed, but my anxiety has still been abnormally high, and every little thing triggers it. I have been so jumpy and get startled by almost every unexpected thing, even the smallest sounds. … Continue reading 2/6/19


Thoughts after second session with Hank From Nicole to Taylor We started off the second session with Hank asking me about last week and how I thought the session went. I told him I thought it was difficult but good. He asked me what I thought was difficult about it, so I explained that some … Continue reading 1/24/19


Thoughts after first session with Hank From Nicole to Taylor When I met with Hank, he asked me questions as expected as part of the intake process thing, but it was really different because it was like hard, difficult questions, almost invasive, like he asked me to go in further detail about a few things … Continue reading 1/15/19


An update from Nicole to Taylor concerning winter break 1/7/19 – I just wanted to share this; there’s no obligation to respond. Here’s an update of the past two or so months of what I wanted share but kept forgetting and of some things that occurred over break. I wrote this next paragraph several weeks … Continue reading 1/7/19

July 2018 Update

An update from Nicole to Taylor explaining things that have happened so far over the summer break since the hospital Hey, I just wanted to give you an update of what has been happening over the past few months. I sort of just put everything that has been happening in here just to explain everything, … Continue reading July 2018 Update


12/12/18 after session thoughts I am actually really proud of myself for talking as much as I did and for some of the times I spoke, with a somewhat decent voice that wasn’t too croaky. This is the most pride I have felt since that theatre performance I did back in October. My goal for … Continue reading 12/12/18


10/27/18-11/4/18 On Friday evening, the 26th, Nicole was sitting in the Eagle’s Nest drawing trying not to give into her self-harm urges. Instead of giving in, she was sketching her hand and wrist in different positions then drawing cuts and scars on the wrists. It had almost been a week since the last time she … Continue reading 10/27/18-11/4/18


Follow-up to the previous explanation Addressed to Nicole's Counselor I failed to mention in the last document what happened two(ish) weeks ago after I received the news about my position on EBoard. Also, this is very long, and some parts like the long, italicized sections may be skipped as they are just what was I … Continue reading 10/22/18


10/20/18 Explanation and Thoughts of Recent Events Addressed to Nicole's counselor Here is an explanation of everything that has happened prior to my hospitalization, what happened the night of, what happened during my stay, and what has happened afterwards. As for what happened leading up to being there, it started about three weeks ago, when … Continue reading 10/20/18