Negative Aspects of Childhood

These are the memories that I can remember being negative though I’m sure there’s more, but here are the most readily accessible ones. The majority happened in the second half of my childhood more in my teen years as those are easier to remember, but I don’t know if that’s technically considered childhood. I’ll probably … Continue reading Negative Aspects of Childhood


8/20Moving on to another anxiety of mine, I have decided that I need to face the anxiety I have concerning make-up. I’ve only ever worn it like five times and three of those times were for the play last April. When I was younger, in middle and high school, I never participated in the experimentation … Continue reading 8/20/19-8/24/19


7/30I had this awful dream last night where I was housesitting for my neighbors, and I accidentally killed about ten of their animals by neglecting them. I only found out that the animals were dead because my family came over and my mother interrogated me about the well-being of the animals, which resulted in my … Continue reading 7/30/19-8/8/19


After my first week of my internships, I am exhausted both physically and mentally. At work, I was in a pretty good mental space except for the usual social anxiety and inability to speak much, but now that I’m home over the weekend, I’ve had time to think about past therapy sessions, and all the … Continue reading 6/24/19-7/26/19


6/20After frantically searching and looking, I found a blade at my grandmother’s house that I could use. It was an old eyeliner pencil sharpener that is fortunately not rusty and still relatively sharp. She had some other old ones that were rusty and a newer one that she uses, and I was not going to … Continue reading 6/9/19-6/21/19


Over Mayterm, I took a poetry course which included running the poetry festival, interviewing and interacting with poets and writing our own poetry. Helping with the poetry festival was no problem, and actually, it was kind of fun, but when it came to the interviews and interaction with the poets, I was an absolute disaster … Continue reading 5/8/19-5/24/19


I don’t know if you remembered or not; I don’t expect you to, but when we last met, it was the exact date of our last session last year and when I went to the hospital. When you asked at the session before about when I could meet next, I already knew that I wanted … Continue reading 4/26/19-5/24/19


I probably shouldn’t even be writing or sending this, but I just wanted to share and explain everything from last week. Please don’t feel the need to respond; I just wanted to share this. “This same thing happened yesterday in my session with Hank. I wanted to answer so badly, but for some reason, I … Continue reading 3/15/19


This past week has been a mess and a half. I haven’t had the motivation to write much over break though I’ve tried to but haven’t gotten very far. Once I got back to campus, things have been a bit more eventful, so I have more to news to share than I did over break. … Continue reading 3/12/19


Being back home for spring break has been difficult at least for the first few days. My dad arrived to BC a few hours after classes ended to pick me up for break, and as soon as I was with him, I felt that switch to the mask, pretending to be fine and calm and … Continue reading 3/3/19