My Love

 I met him when I was young
It was love at first sight
and truly I do
mean love at first sight
I first fell for his dashing personality
and his contagious smile

He’s always there
to lend a listening ear
or a shoulder to cry on
He’s one of the best listeners
and never interrupts

I often stroke his honey locks
They feel as smooth as silk
and he radiates an earthy aroma

His deep chocolate eyes
are filled with all the love and joy
one could ever hope to find in the world

His voice is low and rough
His build strong and sturdy
with an embrace like no other
similar with affection

He’s the kindest one I’ve met
completely filled with compassion
and genuinely loves everyone he meets

His lively energy is so contagious
He’s always up for an adventure
His presence is exhilarating
yet simultaneously calming

You’re probably thinking
this is a sappy love poem
that I’m speaking of a lover

But really,
he’s just my golden pup


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