Panic Attack

A rope around my neck
a bag over my head
plastic across my face
choking on my tongue

My breath is stolen
I’m deprived
My throat is constricting
My lungs collapsing

A stabbing in my chest
My heart’s pounding
Feels though it may burst

Light begins to fade
My brain is shutting down

My hands tremble
Pins and needles overtake them
My limbs, numb and bound

My mind is racing
Spinning out of control

I raise my hands to my neck
Yet feel nothing there
Except my heartbeat
Pulsing through my veins

I lift my hands further
Expecting plastic on my face
Yet nothing’s there

My breath escapes my mouth
It’s clear I’m choking not

I look down to discover
My chest
It rises and falls
My lungs
they haven’t failed.

The only rational explanation must be
this insufferable, deceptive disease:


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