Pray For Me?

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Nicole takes out her phone and responds to the messages she has received from her friends, Marie, Leigha, and Matt.

Matt saw the message she sent to the group chat and is concerned. The previous times she asked for prayers like this, it was on late nights when she was struggling with her depression and suicidal thoughts. He texts her to see what’s going on, as he wants to do anything he can to help and comfort her.

4:20 p.m.

Matt: Hey, what’s up?

Nicole: Mental health issues and my counselor wants me to go to the hospital. 

M: Oh, I actually just went last week.

Are you in the counselor’s office?

N: Yeah he left for a min so I was able to text

M: Okay. Do you know if he is going to take you?

N: Campus police is driving me there and he is going to go with me. 

M: Okay. If you want I can come pray with you quickly.

Just ask the counselor if I can come to the office.

N: Ok I’ll ask

I’m too anxious to ask so I can’t I’m sorry

M: That’s okay. I can come ask if you want. I’m already in the building

N: If you could that would be good I think

M: Is it Len or Hank?

N: Taylor Penhale

M: is he in with you?

N: yeah

he’s typing something up on his computer

M: Just tell him I’m coming

that a friend is coming.

N: Idk if I can

I cant speak

And he just left the office

police is here

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