Continuing On The Path

Wednesday, September 13, 2017 1:30 p.m.

After receiving an email from Taylor saying that his supervisor recommended trying medication to help with the anxiety, Nicole treks across campus to the health center. She has to talk to two different nurses about what is going on, and she is so scared of sharing the reality she is just beginning to accept. Sharing it with two strangers seems to be too much, but somehow she manages to do it. After their conversation and screenings for depression and anxiety, she is prescribed Zoloft 75mg to try for a couple weeks.

After this terrifying experience, she goes to work and then to the anxiety group. Since Nicole is so new to the world of anxiety and psychology and all the terminology associated to it, she doesn’t quite understand everything, and it doesn’t help that she’s in a room full of strangers. She is still trying to accept that her anxiety is real and isn’t yet okay with people knowing she has anxiety. She has been struggling for a while doubting if she actually experiences anxiety or if she is just making it up. Once the group is over, Nicole goes directly to her room because she is feeling mentally overwhelmed and has a lot to think about.

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