Hidden Anguish

Looking in from the outside,
you see she has a pretty smile,
Soft eyes, a kind heart, and a quiet presence.
Her hugs are comforting, warm and secure.
She puts up this facade to hide her true self,
But underneath the mask is the hopelessness she carries.
Her broken mind is hidden, cowering behind her eyes.
Kindness and compassion cover her pounding heart.
Over-sized sweatshirts conceal her strangled breath,
Hiding her tense and trembling body
Sleeves cover her skin scarred by thoughts.
Her hugs hold the warmth and security she’s so desperate for
Her heart holds the love and affection she can’t allow herself
Her smile shows the happiness she wishes she could feel.
When she’s by herself, she wishes she were safe, for
She’s attacked by her demons, and each day she fights them.
With every battle, she’s left lying exhausted on the ground,
Beaten and breathless from her own damaged mind.
Her demons of steel torture and tempt,
Generating the scarlet lines of torment.
Then her mind clears from the pain, and reality returns,
Wiping her falling tears, attempting to fake a smile,
Her anguish is hidden, and the mask is on again.


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